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These items are ideal in manufacturing settings where metallic materials must be extracted to purify the process stream as well as for recycling applications. Read More…

Magnetic Separators Magnetic separators can utilize both permanent magnets and electromagnets which is used to separate ferrous materials from nonferrous materials.

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Magnetic Separators – International Magnaproducts, Incorporated

In many industrial applications, materials can be passed through, below, or over magnetic separators. The magnets attract the impurities within the material of interest and pull out this unwanted matter. Thus the process stream is purified of undesired material.

This kind of equipment is used in a number of industries, including the electronic waste recycling, materials recovery, municipal solid waste/biomass, bottom ash, construction, demolition, and glass cullet industries as well as many others.

Magnetic separators also come in a wide range of configurations such as plate magnets, grate magnets, liquid line trap magnets, RF cartridges, deep reach separators, pulley magnets, magnetic drums, suspended permanent magnets, super conducting hi-gradient magnetic separators and much more.

Specific types of magnetic separators can be specialized for different tasks based upon the exact needs of an application which is where high intensity magnetic separators and eddy current separators play a role.

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