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They are usually made from iron or steel, but they can also be made from any ferromagnetic substance or composite such as cobalt, nickel, aluminum or clay. Read More…

Bar Magnets Bar magnets are narrow, rectangular pieces of ferromagnetic material or composite that generate a magnetic field. They are permanent magnets, meaning they do not require constant electric current in order to retain their magnetism, and they have a smooth and uniform cross section and surface.
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Valparaiso, IN  |  219-465-1998

Our customers know they can trust us to provide them with the best magnets in the industry. We supply magnets from only the best manufacturers in the world. We will not offer substandard products or anything that is not the most cost-effective solution.

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Rochester, NY  |  800-593-9127

Founded in 1895, Arnold Magnetic Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of high performance permanent magnets, electromagnetics, magnetic assemblies, and precision thin metals.

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Erie, PA  |  814-835-6000

Since 1942, Eriez has been specializing in separation technology for a variety of industries. Eriez designs, develops, and manufactures magnets and related products. Eriez has 8 locations addition to their headquarters in Pennsylvania, making it convenient to ship their products all over the world. With proper care, Eriez magnet products can last a lifetime and not lose strength. Eriez offers many magnet products and stocks popular quick ship products as well for immediate needs. Call Eriez today for more information!

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West Chester, OH  |  513-874-7326

At TyTek Industries, we are experts in manufacturing magnetic components. Our magnetics catalog include magnetic assembly, alnico magnets, rare earth magnets, and many more. It is our team’s mission to always draw on our strengths and experience to ensure the very best service and quality for our customers. For more information, visit our website or call today!

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Boca Raton, FL  |  561-392-2103

Radial Magnets is a leading team of supply chain specialists that value the customers experience as main priority. As a seller of Neodymium magnets and assemblies. We do not sell any other magnets due to Neodymium being the strongest magnet available. We pride ourselves in on-time delivery, as well as our superior quality standards.

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Bar magnets have a south and north pole on each end and are the most common type of magnet shape. The main function of bar magnets is to to pick up small metallic objects like metal shavings or nails and screws, as magnetic stirring rods in laboratory applications, and as magnets on refrigerators. Their most common application is the needle used in compasses.

Teaching Horseshoe, Bar, and Ring Magnets Horseshoe, Ring, and Bar Magnets - Technomag Inc.

The north pole of the bar magnet aligns with the actual north pole, letting travelers know in what direction they are headed. However, this is not the only application of bar magnets, which are utilized in a wide range of industries and applications including: residential, for applications such as holding up receipts and pictures onto refrigerators; research, in which they are used as stirring rods on laboratory hotplates; and the food industry, utilized in restaurants to hold the cutlery in an organized and safe location.

The magnetic lines of force of a bar magnet form closed, continuous lines on either side of the magnet. They never intersect, and flow from north to south in direction. Each end of the magnet is considered to be a pole, so when cut in half a bar magnet automatically forms into two separate magnets, each with their own poles and magnetic field.

The average magnetization magnitude of bar magnets is 100,000 A/m, but this varies based on what type of ferromagnetic material is chosen. In addition, the magnitude of the magnetism relates to how strong and far apart the two poles of the bar magnet are. When using any type of magnet, especially bar magnets that are often found in homes, it is important to keep them away from any sort of electronic device, including speakers, televisions and radios.

Irreversible damage can occur to the data storage if it comes in contact with a magnet, even if it has a weak magnetic force. While the most obvious function of a bar magnet is to attract iron or ferromagnetic materials, bar magnets also function to attract or repel other magnetic alloys. These magnetic alloys include nickel, cobalt, some rare Earth metals and their alloys, and some naturally occurring minerals such as lodestone.

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